it's time to be like them

9:53 PM

28 october 2011 is special day for Indonesia because in this day, sons and daughters of the nation Indonesia utter an oath, known as sumpah pemuda. an oath said that Indonesian were them nation, residing in Indonesia, and them speak the indonesian language. it's them oath!

and today, I'm Annisa Nurlaili. I swear if  I'm from Indonesia. Indonesia is my nation from the past until the future, insya Allah. I swear too if everyday I speak with another people from Indonesia use Indonesian languages. And now I declaring that I really really love Indonesia!

Indonesia is the state has many culture, the nice sea, dozens of island, many beautiful city to holiday there in a very long time, many things that are not owned by another countries, and indonesia was location very strategically because indonesia lies between the indian ocean and pasific ocean, and indonesia lies between Asian continent and Australian continent. and indonesia is the countries has two seasons, it is rainy and dry seasons. indonesian is right on the equator.

finally, I just wanna say if  I love Indonesia! And for today, I said that for the old people said this Sumpah Pemuda, great for your spirited! we will be do the best to reply your spirit :)

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