amazing adventure part 2

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continued from klik

23 Juni 2011

second day at karimun jawa, we went to several island among others : the first we went to menjangan kecil island, here we played snorkeling in the sea near menjangan kecil island. the sea here is very beautiful, a beautiful sea! we could see corals, many beautiful colorful fish, seaweed, and many more. but, sorry I couldn't snorkeling. I couldn't swim so I felt afraid hehe I just "kecek kecek" on the edge of the ship :))
the second, we went to gliyang island, here we played white sand and sea, lunch with fish, and the last before we continued go to the other island, we prayed here. but you must know, this island is inhabited by one house consist a mom and her son. woowww..  the third we went to gosong island, this adventure is the last snorkeling, here our feet touched the bottom of the sea. wooo.. the last adventure this day is went to ujung gelam island, here we played the sea again but here many seller food or drink and saw sunset. but I can't saw in this island cause my friend, gadis is headache so me, lidia, yasin, fiqhi, dina, and bang jay go home. but saw the sunset at the ship is very good :))
after played snorkeling
gliyang island
it's our experiment biology of woman to hasbi with white sand, we felt very enjoyed! :D
so sweeeeeet :3
tempat wudlu and bathroom for inhabited here
ujung gelam island
sunset,  nice view ,,

 from Annisa Nurlaili

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