17 Agustus 1945, we are independent!

3:28 PM

Independent? Yeaaah Indonesian is independent now. no colonials again! we free! we independent now! we can doing everything what we want. we shouldn't be afraid of the colonials who destroy our future. no need to cry anymore because the colonials taking our rights. no need to be slave anymore to serve them. no need to provide our result of cultivate rice or another to them again. should not be confused to find shelter again.

we have liberated from the threat or condemnation of the colonialists who don't have hearts and feelings to our growing weaker. they doing whatever to us. they never thinking about how miserable our lived? we were not given decent food. we as a slave to them. they just demand us to do what they want and angry to us if we made a little mistake. we can only silent. just to do a rebel, we not dare! morever to give a voice to give our opinion? we lost, very lost. we do not have a power to rebel them. but, it all changed! they are our heroes is come and save us. they did not fight with themselves, they gave us a cheer up to rise from misery and try to fight them together.

only with a "bambu runcing" and improvised weapons, we fight them! okay, they have many sophisticated weapons, but we believe that we can fight them and drove them from our beloved homeland. just armed prayer, had work, and help each other, we are the winner! they are the colonials can be defeated by ourselves.

from here we can take some magical power of it. we can do everything we want if we believe that we can do it. do not only believe but we must to hard work and prayer to realize our dreams and one again >> do not easy to give up! if we failed so the future we will be much more succesfull from another when we look what our mistakes in the last and not make the same mistakes. we make changes as when the heroes fight the colonials only used "bambu runcing" are not sophisticated weapons like the colonials used but with only regular weapons, we can fight the colonials and we are the winners!

happy indepence day Indonesian people!

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