Dibawah Lindungan Ka'bah

2:44 PM

hm... yesterday my mom, my dad, and me invited my uncle and his family to saw a good movie, dibawah lindungan ka'bah, because he was saw it a week ago. we were joined it! we come to uncle house's and pray dhuhur and waited laras, my niece to join too..

yeaaaahh, really my uncle said. the movie is very good story. but still very little the viewer. really unfortunate!

the story tell in here there are 2 people, a man and a girl. they love each other. but not have received the blessing of the parent of the girl. one day, the man join debate competition. the girl want to see the competition but she has a work. so, she do it very fast. in transit to surau (masjid) debate competition place, she fall to the river. the man knows it. spontaneously, the man jump into the river and save the girl.

after the girl in the land, the man check the girl condition and he gave assisted respiration to her by mouth. in their village, doing it like fornicate. so, the man must do punishment from the elders in there to get out from the village. the man go from the village and found a work at station. one day, the man look the girl deliver her dad to station to goes to Makkah. the man look her secretly.

long time later, the man has a news that his mom was sick. so he is come to visit her and take her to home. but when the halfway, condition of his mom is bad. he hugged very strength to his mom and his mom was died. he cryed and so sad. after his mom buried, he do the punishment again and go to Makkah to do his dreams is pilgrimage and convey the girls dreams without saying goodbye to the girl.

months he take of journey, finally the man arrive in Makkah and doing pilgrimage. he met his friend and his friend gave the letter from the girl. and the man send a letter to the girl before. finally there are 2 people was die and met at Makkah and do pilgrimage together.

oh so sweet the story. I am right. let's join to see the movie!

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