heroes day, 10 nov

7:15 PM

may be, it's late to post this event. I had something problem so I can't post this at the past. but, I post it now! before I write this post, I wanna apologize for this delayed.

many people had knowing that 10 november is heroes day because the heroes from all cities came to fight back the colonizers from Surabaya. we are the heroes can drive out the colonizers just by like a stick from bamboo which the bamboo length is less than 75 cm. the prediction, the length of bamboo is 50 cm. but, with the stick of bamboo, we were be the win from the fight! the reason why we can be the win because in according of the story of the old heroes which they still alive until now said they were get the stick bamboo from the "kiai" of the boarding school after gave it a prayer from them. although many people was died in the fight, they were a heroes to us. because spirit of them, now we can free from the colonizers.

a offering to receive of november, 10th from Fauzan. he's a puppeteer sand. nice film from him because he can drew anything about november, 10th from the sand.

the colonizers just not the past but in the future we will meet another the colonizers because the future of next year, next month, and the next next from today we will be meet something new. we will meet the globalization which we will meet new generation be smarter than us and do something make changes the world. so, the future is our problem to be like them to do something smart and new. we must strengthen our religious for when we do something new in the future, we are not do the wrong to destroy the world. hopefully not happen.

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