felt so bad today

6:08 PM

Now , I am so tired and feel very bad . I am so badmood too . many incidents made me so bad and can't to smile as before . I loss my headset where 3days ago I was buy it in Yasin . Rp35.000 is cost I must buy . It's not cheap price . my money is exhausted to buy it , but now? It's loss ! maybe it was fall on the road yesterday when I go home with fiqhi . ooohh .. I am so careless with my item ( barang ) so I can't to keep it . Aaaaaaa --"

then , I and fiqhi has a promise to go to TP but it's failed! He has to TM ( tehnical meeting ) for his DBL contest about journalist and photograph at 1 pm . he said he was meeting just an hour but this is more than an hour . aaaaasssshh .. I was alone at school . before , he went to grapen ( graha pena ) , I am with putri and gadis . but ,  at 1 pm , putri has to meeting for OSIS and gadis joined extracurricular arabic . so , I am alone! I sad in front of my class , X-5 . in here , I made birds from paper folding that I have . eight until nine birds I managed to make . it's not made me feel so kind but I have satisfaction because I can make it . when I made the birds , I was meet dewis and her boy friend , puput , savira , ika , banu , antok , and prasidhi . dewis knew that I crying because something . I won't tell it! hehehe

when I chat with gadis , puput , tya and dina , I has messages . it made me so angry . my sister , astri said that tomorrow she want to go to lawang until friday , and she needs a laptop and modem in home . so , she want bring it! aaaaaarr .. I can't to controlled my emotion . I just silent anywhere , not talked anything . she bring laptop and modem at home to lawang . oh my god , it's so far . how do I use it if I need it? when I go to tretes to diklat , I am not bring it . but she? aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggghhh >.<

there are six birds that I made , so cute right? haha

at 3 o'clock , I went to home by foot . uuuuukkhh .. my foot felt so tired and ill all . my shoes is not comfortable too . made me must to stop and sit on the road . I stopped up to six or seven times , just to made my foot feel well again . I want to fainting at the road but I standed it . my mind said if I was near home . I must don't give up whatever happens . until I at siloam hospital , I met my parents , my sister (astri) , and my niece (laras) by car . so , I joined their and ask why me walked alone . I tell all and my parents angry because I walked from school to home and mad my face turned black . I just silent , not said anything .

when I got home , I run to enter and took off my uniform . I was so hungry because at school I wasn't to lunch because I am lazy to eat . so , I lunch noodles . after that , I drank ice tea and eat a orange . it made me so cold in my throat . but I feel so bad again when my mom angry to me because I was so fat now! she want I can stop eat anything . if I was eat snack , I had been to eat rice and if I had been eat rice , I must don't eat snacks .ooohh .. 

it make me so crazy! my headset was loss , can't go to TP for buy lolipop , my parent angry to me . hhhhrrrr .. I want to free doing anything what I want and I won't to careless again! I want I can keep my item that I have . god , please help me . I just want it . Give me the first of me , not now! I am so tired about it . I want free and no more rules for me! turn down my prayed , god . Pleaseeeeeeeeeee !!

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  1. wah. anak sma yang lagi galau kok lagi in banget yaa. hehe
    btw, i am sorry to hear that.
    just be patient.
    ada hikmahnyaaa kok :)
    semangat!!! :)


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