when I miss you

9:24 PM

today, this morning, this time..
I look some photos about me and us
and I remember some story at our class or school
we do anything what we want
we can laugh whenever when we did study at class
we can shared anything when the teacher came late or didn't come
we can went to "kopsis" together when break time
we can share knowledge from one person to another
we can share "contekan" when one person from us can't do the daily test

do you know? everytime I still remember about our stories
do you know? you smile I smile too
do you know? you cry I cry too
do you know? today I miss you so much
do you know? when I miss you, I always crying remember you
do you know? I don't wanna leave you guys

I still wanna with you
I wanna we can make a story together again
I wanna we can shared anything again
I wanna we can laugh together for everything
I wanna we can going wherever together

but, I know something
we can't always together
we will meet another person at elsewhere
we can make new stories with them
we can try a new things with new friends too
and we can learn from our adventures with them too

when we meet again someday
I hope we can share our adventures
we will laugh together again
we go to a new place
we will take some photos together 

guys .. 
when I miss you, I look some our photos
I remember our stories
I learn some knowledge from our memories
and I write this note for you from my heart 

achmad ghufron and dhimas permadi when we wanna make our mading for competition class

me, alfiana, and aminatush solichach, when we in zero time or the teacher didn't come. with them I always tell everything, miss them :*

me and rista lavenia amanda , when mila didn't come to school , I sit with her. 
miss and love you girl :*

entik qolby, dewi oktaviani, femy suwardita, and nurul alimah is my classmates

dhimas permadi and mila ayuanti, see behind them !
it's our mading when 1 muharram day. look pretty, right?

nb : so sorry, I just have this photos, 
so I can't to share photos except it with my another friends :'(

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