unique expression of X.5

9:59 AM

just wanna share some photos with my classmate last week or 4 days ago , when we wasn't Jum'at pray (sholat jum'at) because basketball court in school is wet cause rain ! haha

look at this photos , the most front they expression was so unique, wasn't they?

the first part is me , second part is dina and tya , third part is laksmi , lidia  and nanda , and the last part is nia , ika , farah , and ilen (from left to right)

it's all students of X.5 but one person not came to photos together, it's eva . she played the computer school .

the under part is ilen , ilen top is nia , the top again putri , farah , nanda , it again lidia and dina , and the most top is ika , me , tya , and ulul

let's share anything what do you want :)

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  1. wah, emang gak salah yaa kalo sma itu masa-masa yang paling nyenengin. hihi
    tugas sesuram apa, ulangan sesusah apa, tapi ngeksis di foto tetap kewajiban :D


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